Romeo and Juliet Act III discussion reflection

1. Video of Discussion

This video is a video that we filmed in the Romeo and Juliet Act III discussion. You can see that we are doing a good job meeting all of the topics. But there are also times when we are trying to talk over each other which we have to fix. Overall, this is a very good discussion. We have learnt a lot from this discussion.

2. Discussion Web

Lannisters II, Act III SLD WEB


This is the discussion web that Mr. Johnson drew while we were in the discussion. We can see if this web is good if it is spread out. We can see that overall the web is smooth. But there are some dominant speakers. Personally, I realised that I spoke with the same people even though I spoke the right amount. I learned a lot and I will fix my mistakes.

3. Active Reading

These are the Active readings and the notes that I took on 3 different acts of Romeo and Juliet. They are from act 1-3.

4. Reflection

This was the second class discussion that we had but we can say that this was the first correct one because the first was a trial. Our team overall, did a good job but I noticed that I, as an individual, and us, as a team, could improve on things.

Firstly, I mentioned that we did a good job in the discussion. Some were that we reached to different topics in the books rather than staying in one part of the book and dragging on and on about the obvious. When we thought that we thought enough on one topic one person would say, “I think we’ve talked too much on this topic and we should discuss another topic.”. Another good job we did was that we stated specific quotes from the book. We could have just said “Juliet said something like this…”, we expanded on this and said, “Juliet said…” which was smart of us.

Secondly, even though we did a good job, there certainly some things that we can improve on. One of the things are better expressed using a simile. I thought we were like tigers trying to pounce on meat. In other words we were jumping over each other’s ideas and stating our own not listening to other’s ideas. So I felt as if the discussion was not as connected as it could have been. If we improved this point, I think we could have done a good job.

The way we prepared for this discussion was a little different because we didn’t read the book with Mr. Johnson and we read it on our own and filled out our active reading sheets. I think this was a good idea because we are not limited to how the teachers think and we can explore in to the book. I was surprised to find that out of the things that I have written in my active reading about three fourths of the class has written as well. In the future I wish we could do a formal debate which will be easier to follow, or we can raise hands to talk which is what we did last year. This will make the discussion more organised as well.

Overall, we received a 6 out of 10. I think we could have done better because I knew that every single one of us studied hard for this discussion. But we’ve learned because of this discussion and I hope everyone else did as well.