7) Lines of Latitude on Longitude Questions

1. Introduction to Latitude and Longitude Reading


2. Questions and answers

1) How do lines of Latitude help to determine climate? Are high latitudes or low latitudes typically warmer weather? Why is this so? 

earthlatitudergbThere are two types of things that help us to determine climate. One of them is Latitude. Before I Go on about how latitude helps us to determine climate, what is latitude? Latitude is the line that crosses from east to west on the earth and it is measured in degrees. Inside the lines of latitude there are different types. There are Low latitudes, Medium latitudes, and high latitudes. As the lines of latitude is closer to the equator, which are the equator and the low latitudes, warmer it gets for the year. This is because The earth is a sphere and the equator is the closest to the sun all year which is why the equator gets more direct amount of solar radiation. as the latitudes get higher or gets higher in degrees, this means that the climate is colder because they get less direct amount of solar radiation.

2) What is altitude? 

definition-of-high-altitude Altitude is something that affects climate. The altitude is measured by feet and is the distance above sea level. The amount of altitude changes the climate and the vegetation change drastically. Altitude is divided in to four levels. The first one is at sea level which is 0 feet. The second is high altitude which ranges from 5,000 ft to 11,500 ft. The next level is very high altitude which is from 11,500 ft to 18,000 ft. The final level is extreme altitude which from 18,000 ft till beyond.Altitude sickness affect travellers starting from the high altitude hight of 8,000 ft. Alitude sickness is what humans get when they have a lack of oxygen which is also called “thinner air” (Easmon) which means that air pressure decreases.Therefore as the altitude gets higher, the amount of oxygen decreases as well as the amount of temperature.

3) How does altitude affect the climate? 

There are two types of things that help us to determine climate. One of them is altitude. There is a rule for altitude and temperatures drop accordingly. If 1,000 feet goes up from sea level, about 3°F drops from the temperature.

4) Draw/create a sphere.

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a) On the please show five special lines of latitude.

The five special lines of latitude are The equator (0°), Tropic of Caner (23 1/2 °N), Tropic of Capricorn (23 1/2 °S), Arctic Circle (66 1/2 °N), and the Antarctic Circle (66 1/2 °S).

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b) Why are these lines significant? Explain which lines are hit “head on” and those that tend to “glance off” and why? 

These lines are significant because of the tilt of the earth and the revolution of the earth around the sun. One time in the year, there is a time when the radiation hits exactly directly the middle of the Tropic of cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn but there are no times when the sun is directly on each of the lines. The equator is the line that hits “head on” every time because the angle of the suns rays decrease and when it gets farther from the tropic of cancer north and tropic of capricorn south, the angle increases which is one of the reasons why these reasons are colder than the equator. While the countries near the equator gets solar radiation from “head on”, countries that are farther from the equator and as the lines get further, the distance that the solar ray has to travel increases which is why the lines tend to “glance off”.

5) What causes seasons?

gr12Seasons are caused mainly because of the tilt of the earth. There are 6 months of the year when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun which is from June 22- December  21. This means that the southern hemisphere is tilted outwards to the sun. This happens vise versa in the other 6 months of the year which is December 22- June 21. when the Northern hemisphere is closest to the sun and is tilted towards the sun, this means that they are having summer and the Southern hemisphere are having winter. This is the same when the Southern hemisphere are having summer, the Northern Hemisphere have winter.


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