6) “I am the worlds greatest explorer” Mary Kingsley

This is the post with everything on my “I am the worlds greatest explorer” video about Mary Kingsley. I have the Video, the script, source analysis, some extra info about the background of Mary Kingsley, and the works cited page.

My costume

My costume in case people couldn’t see because of the setting of the video (it was meant for it to be like that)


1. Video


2. Script

This is the script of my video. The in text citations are written in red.

(Note that sometimes there are going to be two or more in-text citations in one block of big red text so read carefully)

UntitledHello there! I didn’t realize you were there with all of my books around me. Let me introduce my self. My name is Mary Kingsley and I am an explorer and a writer from England. And, I am the best explorer in the world.  I was born in Islington, England, October 13th 1862 (Hanebutt).

Moving on, why am I the greatest explorer you ask? Well there are many reasons actually and I might have to shorten them in to three.

Untitled 2First of all, I was a woman explorer in the Victorian ages. This is one key point on why I am the best explorer. The Victorian Era was when Queen Victoria ruled with her love for Prince Albert from 1837 to 1901 (Britannica School).  In the Victorian era, a lot of women were in lower position then the husband and had the same rights as children. The women were usually responsible for cooking, cleaning, and caring for the children. All of the library-3women were considered lower than their husbands and were told to take care of the children (Küçük). However, I, Mary Kingsley, even though I lived in the Victorian Era, managed to explore the world and do what I want for my life, which is amazing, and people should acknowledge me better because I was a woman who stood out from all of the other women of England. This was probably because when I was younger my father George Kingsley also travelled the world on various expeditions. He taught me how to read and I had a wide access of books that I could read in the library (Simkin). In a way I was different than the entire woman in England and broke out of that shell of girls only have to work. This was my first reason why I am the greatest explorer.

Untitled 4Second of all, I write about my adventures. This might seem very simple but the fact that I write about my adventures show a lot about my adventures. Unlike other explorers who solely write or make someone write a journal to show their king or queen, I wrote my books to spread my knowledge to everyone. Also I didn’t write a very shallow book, I wrote a lot of details about the place. “…for away in their fastness the mangroves raise their branches far above the reach of tide line, and the great gray roots of the older trees are always sticking up in mid-air” (Kingsley 5). I don’t only want the knowledge of the lands to myself but I want to spread my knowledge to people around me. This is one other reason why I am the greatest explorer.

Untitled 3Lastly, I stood up for the Native Africans. I traveled around mostly Africa and learned about the lives and religions (Enchanted Learning). Even though I am not completely different from how the Europeans view the Native Africans, I have found out that their government was very well controlled and found it fascinating. I helped people think of Africans in a different way (Hanebutt). I also stated that Africans are not brutal degraded or cruel (Birkett; Kingsley). Unlike other explorers, I thought differently about the Africans, which is one of the reasons I am the greatest explorer. I had a wide range of mind and was open to different cultures.

You must surely think that now I am the worlds greatest explorer right? Well I better get going. See you next time.


3. Source Analysis


4. Background of Mary Kingsley


5. Works Cited