6) Mystery Short Story Blog Post

In this assignment, we had to write a mystery short story. However, it wasn’t just a mystery short story. We had to go through various stages of planning and make our stories to life. We had to have various requirements such as adding figurative language. We also had to use the knowledge that we gained while doing the mystery novel study. Some examples are Show don’t tell and red herrings. I have tried really hard to put all of the requirements in and make the best story I could possibly produce.

My story is called El Gato Gordo (The fat cat) and deals with the catastrophes that happen when the photographer Arnold Mayer, goes to his grandmother, Marcela Mayer’s, family reunion in a mansion.

Reflection Question: Did the Mystery Self-Study and your understanding of the elements of mysteries help you write a better story? Why or why not?

The mystery self- study and my understanding of the elements of mysteries helped me write a better story because these days, I don’t read mysteries for a free time book and if we didn’t have to read a mystery book in the first place, I wouldn’t be able to know the characteristics and how they are used in an actual story. Also I found out while I was reading “Death on the Nile” by Agatha Christie about how long the each sections of a mystery ex) denoument should be. It especially helped me because we analysed it as well.

The following are the works that I produced (They are listed by the order I did them in) :

1) Story Planning GO

2) Characterization GO


3) Rough draft Copy


4) Annotated rough drafts completed by your peer editors

i) Filippo

ii) Rachael

5) Final highlighted copy


6) Final Un-highlighted copy

7) Final Checked copy by Mr. Johnson