5) Drafting

a) Sketch of Final Design

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b) Evaluation of the final Design


Target Market: I said that the market for my product is people who live in rainy places and this product matches the point because the rain water is taken out buy centrifugal force. (1 out of 1)


Functions: Similar to the Target market, this product takes out water from the umbrella using centrifugal force. (1 out of 1)


Materials: I will need all of these materials because I will use dowel for the handle and a saw to cut the dowel as well as plastic. (1 out of 1)


Ergonomics/ overall sizes: The product is 430 mm, which is exactly 43 cm of height. ( 1out of 1)


Manufacturing processes and quantity: This product is scheduled to be made once and I am planning to make it until the due date. (1 out of 1)


Equipment/ tools- requirements: I will need most of these materials because I need to cut, glue, and measure it when I am making product. (1 out of 1)


Maintenance Requirements: Plastic is heavy and it wouldn’t fly off because people can also glue it on the floor. (1 out of 1)


Product life span and life cycle: This product is made out of plastic and it will be long lasting and maybe even more than 5 years. (1 out of 1)


Aesthetic appearance (Shape, color, texture): The shape of the product is an upside down cup. The color of the product is semi-transparent. Because it is made out of plastic it is going to be smooth and hard. (1 out of 1)


Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is scheduled to be held once in 3 months. (1 out of 1)


Quality Control: I will check while I’m making the product so that is will work and at the end there is a high possibility that it will work. (1 out of 1)


Cost: The cost of this product is about 15-20TL because I will try to use materials in the DT room, which will make my product cheaper. (1 out of 1)


Time scale and planning: It will take about 40 hours to make my product because it is hard to make but all I have to do is glue things together. (1 out of 1)


Health and safety: My product will have less dangerous parts because I will file the sides. (1 out of 1)


Weight: The weight is going to be less then 10 kg because it is going to be made out of plastic and it is going to be lighter than when it is made out of wood. (1 out of 1)