Romeo and Juliet Essay Final Reflection

1. Final Annotated Copy

2. Questions

a. Were you able to use the writing process (different due dates for different parts of the essay leading up to the final) to your advantage? In other words, did the different smaller assignments help you organize your writing and turn in a better final draft? Why or why not?

I think that the different smaller assignments helped me to organise my writing and turn it in to a final draft.

One reason is because we have time to fix everything after we have gotten feedback either from our peers or our teacher. For example, every stage we got some feedback. In the first stage, which was to make an essay outline, Mr. Johnson gave us individual feedback on what we could fix or change. Also our rough drafts were checked by two different peers in our group. This helped me make my writing become better because in a way, it was being filtered through many checks.

Another reason why different smaller assignments helped me to organise my writing and turn it in to a final draft is because we didn’t have to do the whole thing at once and we had time to fix it. This can be helpful for students who are slow writers or students who like  to think before they write. Because it is in different pieces, these students, like myself, can manage their time more efficiently.

b. Did you find the peer editing process valuable? Why or why not?

I found the peer editing process valuable because not only can we see the opinions of the teachers on our essay, but we can see the opinions of our peers as well. Because we don’t get the feedback from the teacher for the rough drafts and only for the outlines, I think this is better than not getting it checked by anyone and just writing the final essay. Also when I was thinking that my peer feedback could change or improve my group’s essay I worked hard when I was checking my peers’ essays and so did my group members.

c. How will you utilize the specific feedback given to you to improve your writing next time?

There is a lot of specific feedback that I can utilise to improve my writing next time.

One is to make smoother or better transitions. When I saw this comment on managebac, I knew this was very true because when I was writing my essay, I had problems and confusions to where to put the transition or what words to use to make my essay look good. For example, on the conclusion I took a lot of time choosing the word Hence, but I knew it wasn’t a really good choice because it was a “weak” word.

Another specific feedback that I can utilise is making sure that there are not a lot of grammar or punctuation errors. Since I was little I had a lot of problem with grammar and punctuation. I have since improved a lot from then  but I think some times I make little mistakes. I made some punctuation and grammar errors and the next time I fix an essay or this essay I will be making note of this.