4) Pitch to Client and Approval

Q: What do you think of my original design?

A: I like it that it is made out of plastic because the plastic keeps the water from changing the product’s color. Also the way that you used gears so that this product to work is very unique. Because it is a cup shape, it can be carried more easily and it can save energy. The fact that you have a specific material you are going to make the product with is fantastic.

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Q: What do you think of my second design?

A: The second product has the same idea but where it is put is different which is cleaver of you to change. You thought of different ways you can set your product and thought of a clip which is very different. The clip idea is good however it can fall off from the wall or the product can be too heavy and it will fall off which is a disadvantage. Also, the cylinder in the inside might fall because of the force of gravity.

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Q: Which design should I use and why?

A: You should use the first design because it is the most efficient and it is more possible to build then the second design. Even though they are very similar, the fact that one is hung on the wall makes them very different. The one on the wall might not work as much because of the gravity but the first one is possible to turn and take out the water.

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Q: What should I add to the first design when drafting?

A: You should add possible ways you can make the cylinder inside because there might not be a particular item that fits your gear perfectly.

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