4) Mystery Student Led Discussion

1. Discussion Video: Lannisters I

This is the google hangouts recorded video of the discussion of the Lannisters I group.


2. Discussion web

This is the discussion web drawn to find who talked to who during the discussion. One can see that everyone talked and the web is generally spread around and we talked more than once.
3. graphic organizer/active readings

These are some of the graphic organisers and mini active readings we did. For the mystery discussion, we had The first one is the graphic organiser that we wrote about the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “The tale of the Speckled Band”. Then there are the two mini active readings on “The tale of the Speckled Band” and the book by Agatha Christie “Death on the Nile”.

4. Questions

1) Did the Mystery SLD help your understanding of the genre of mystery or literature in general? If so, how? If no, why not?

The mystery student led Discussion helped my understanding of the genre of mystery and literature in general because I not only knew my knowledge on the mystery genre, all of my group mates also knew information and we shared it together. This helped us mend in any holes in our knowledge that we had.

Also we talked about each element of mystery fiction and how it applied to the books that we had read and the extra short readings and movie that we watched. This way we could clarify our knowledge and share it with the team. This also made little debates in the middle about which story had a good sense of the elements of mystery fiction and it was interesting and it also helped me clarify the meanings of the elements of mystery fiction.

After the discussion and looking back on it, I wondered what would happen if we were reading another genre of a book. What elements would that genre have. I became interested in another aspect of english literature.


2) How would you change this activity to better fit the course needs? Would you have it over just one reading? Your own book? Be specific please. 

Even though this discussion and activity helps me learn new things and is good in many ways, there are a lot of things that I would change in this activity to make it more of a corporative activity.

First of all,  what I would change is that we are too free to talk about what we want to. I noticed while we were doing the discussion that sometimes we were looking at each other because we ran out of topics to talk about and we couldn’t think of any. There were plenty of themes but we just didn’t have a frame we had to pick from. Next time, I think it would be best if we were given a broad question or a topic that we could talk about. That way we won’t get lost. There was only one thing I would change but there are two things that I want to keep same that we changed from the previous discussions.

Second of all, I would never have it over one reading because I saw while we were doing the Romeo and Juliet student led discussions that students will just repeat round and round what was said before which really got the audience and the participators board. When we were doing this activity we had about 3 books that we could relate to the speckled band, Death on the Nile and your own book (coincidentally Death on the Nile was my book). This was one change that was made to the previous discussion which I think we should keep because I realised that I had more things to say.

Lastly, one thing that I would keep that we added new to this discussion was the idea of putting our books when we were talking about it. Because my book was Death on the Nile, I didn’t get to get a word in about my book but some of the others did which was great and we had a time to find out about each other’s books which was a good opportunity to find great books to read. We should do this more often.


3) What did you think of the google form for feedback? Did you like the Hangout chat you were able to have during the discussion? What other activities could we use to better engage those who are watching the discussion?

There were a lot of tools that we used other than the discussion and the pieces of papers. We used google form for feedback and Hang out chats.

First of all, I thought that the idea for the google form for feedback was great because some of us are very slow at writing and for me, it really helped me write any positive or constructive feedback right after someone in the discussion made the statement. This way, I remember when I read my comments what I was talking about and how their overall, discussion was. I can also remember specific comments that the peers have made which is one good thing.

Second of all, we used the Hang out chat. I didn’t see the hang out chat until in the weekends which was unfortunate but I saw what the class talked about and I thought it was very useful because you can share your opinion on the other team’s discussion together to see what you can write in your own google form.

Lastly, some other tools that we can use to better engage the audience is after the other team has their discussion we should have more time to give them more thorough feed back because 3 minutes is not a lot of time. Also, this will help prepare us for the next discussion and we will be able to know what we could have improved from their discussion.