3) Mystery Novel Review

1. About Death on the Nile: My mystery Novel

Blog-DeathonNileCoverTitle: Death on the Nile

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Mystery- Cozy

About: This book have a detective (protagonist) who has a name of Hercule Poirot. He is a famous detective and is going to Egypt to have a rest on a cruise. On the cruise he meets a couple who are Linnet and Simon Doyle enjoying their honey moon. However, they tell him that a stalker who was Simon’s fiancé follows them everywhere that they go. Later it is found out that Linnet Doyle was killed. This is the puzzle. The whole book revolves around finding out who killed Linnet Doyle and why.


2. Rate the story by stars (our of five). 

I give this book…

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The reason I gave this book a 5 out of 5 was because it was both easy to analyse and a very fun read.
3. Write up a small paragraph giving your overall thoughts on the book. Did you like it? Why or why not? 

The overall, thoughts of this book to me was positive. Since I was little I started reading a series of mystery short children novels called “The Boxcar Children” by Gertrude Chandler  Warner. I started reading the whole series but I grew away from this series as I grew up. Since then I didn’t read much of mystery novels for fun. However, this book was the first mystery that I actually enjoyed since “The boxcar Children”.

I was fairly impressed how Agatha Christie makes is so that you get attached emotionally to the characters. Christie makes sure that the reader does not take the book out of your hand because you want to know what happens to the character.

I also liked how Christie deals with realism and logic in this novel. She made the reason of the crime which is that of a crime that is likely to happen in real life. This is money. There was nothing un realistic in this story.

Another thing that I liked was the way Christie Manipulated that red-herrings so that they would fool you. It is not easy to put in red herring and I know this because I am writing my own mystery fiction. The way that Christie puts multiple red-herrings is fascinating and adds the fun in to reading this story.

I would recommend this book for a fun read if someone likes mysteries that are suspenseful.


4. Would you recommend this book to another student for this assignment? Did it work well? Or not?

I said that I enjoyed this book and I would recommend this book for a fun read. I would also recommend this book to another student for this assignment. Because it has plenty of elements of mystery fiction and analysing it worked well.

First of all, it worked well because as I mentioned previously, it contains a lot of elements of element fiction. For example multiple red herrings are mentioned such as the J engraved with Linnet’s blood, the pearls that were thrown to the sea and etc. You can learn about how the red herrings are formed and how you can imply them in to your story.

Another reason why this worked well was because it was a typical Agatha Christie Cozy. There is a murder and her detective finds out what it is with detecting skills. It is not a thriller and is not fast passed which helps students find out the elements much easier.


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