2) Romeo and Juliet Act IV&V

1. Discussion Web

lannisters 2.pdf

This is the Discussion web of our group. One can notice that the lines are very well spread and at least one person spoke once. There is no side where a person talks to one person only, we all talk together as a team.

2. Active Reading: write a one paragraph explanation of what the document is, and what its purpose is


These pictures are pictures of something called an active reading which we do in English class. For Romeo and Juliet, we did this for each act. In the active reading, we had to review a few things. The sections are Brief Summary, Predicting, text to self, text to text, text to world, figurative language, vocabulary/diction, important quotations, conflict, and questions. The purpose of this document is for us to organise our thoughts and prepare for the up comming class discussion.

3. Video of Discussion


4. Improvements made and goals of improvements

I have made a lot of improvements since the last discussion. One point being that I was more calm in this discussion than before. It seemed that in the discussion before, a lot of people were like tigers trying to pounce on meat to speak. I went with this as well and I was very mad when people didn’t let me speak or if they interrupted me. After this discussion I learned that I need to be calm in order for the discussion to go well for me and my classmates. That is why in this discussion I was more calm when I was speaking and it turned out that a lot of my other classmates were calm as well which leaded in to a smooth discussion.

A way that I improved in my class discussion is that I used the discussion web and our in-class feedback. For example, a way that I used my discussion web to improve is that I saw that last time I talked a lot and realised that I should listen to other peers more than talk. This is what I tried to do in the next discussion. An improvement made because of the in class feedback was that my peers told me that our team would usually talk over each other and would have dominators. That is when I realised that in the next discussion I should try not to talk over people which was what I did often.

A thing that I want to continue improving regarding student-led discussions is using the active reading sheets while i am doing the discussion so that I can talk about things that are inside the active reading. Even if we have good topics the discussion, the topic can’t develop if there is no examples or relations. For example some example can be quotes from the text. I want to improve on fitting the quotes in the right places so that the discussion can run smoothly. Another thing that I want to improve on is adding different vocabulary from the story when I talk normally. This will seem more casually and it will show that I have read the book a lot.

Overall, to wrap this document up, I am going to talk about what I thought the moral of Romeo and Juliet was. I think the moral of Romeo and Juliet was don’t act on emotion. This can be seen in different places such as when Romeo sees Juliet for the first time and falls in “love” with her and is following her to her garden. Another way that this can be seen is when Romeo is mad that Tybalt killed Mercrutio and he kills Tybalt for revenge. I thought the ending of Romeo and Juliet was like a warning for the readers saying, ‘don’t act on emotion. It can kill you.’

I enjoyed this book and I hope to read it again.