Bubble Gum- Pantomime/ Physical Gag

1. Pantomime/ Physical Gag Short Film- Bubble Gum

2. Short Reflection


This is the second big film project that was given to us. The theme of the theme was given to us which was Pantomime and Physical Gag. In class we have looked at various actors who have used this technique such as Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. This was the opportunity for us to make a pantomime film. The topic of our film was as the title infers Bubble Gum and is about the adventures of a girl who wants to get gum off her shoe. The role that I had in the film production team was one of the main actresses and the editor of the film. Here are some techniques that we focused on.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 12.12.17 PM

Interacting with Locker and Gum

Interacting with items and with Jione

Interacting with items and with Jione






First of all, the technique that we focused on the most was interacting with the mis-en-scene which is what most of the pantomime films did. We aimed for this by interacting with the lockers in the hall way when trying to scrape off the gum. We also interacted with it by opening the locker and throwing out items such as a barbie doll, a hello kitty fan, a bear, flowers, and a tweezer after reacting with this. In this throwing process, I interact with another aspect of the mis-en-scene which is a character, Jione, as she is getting hit with the items. Most importantly, the gum is the main mis-en-scene that we focused on interacting with as the story revolves around the gum being stuck on a shoe.

'I have an idea' moment

‘I have an idea’ moment

Second, another important technique we focused on while filming was the acting. As one can see in pantomime such as Charlie Chaplin, even modern actors like Jack Black, Johnny Depp, and Jackie Chan, actions and facial expressions are crucial to pantomime as there is no sound. We focused on trying to show the facial expressions by making it big. For the action, we tried not to exaggerate but make the movements bigger then they are in real life or add reactions we wouldn’t do daily. For example like in this picture of me having the ‘I have an idea’ moment.

These were just some of the techniques that we focused on. More are available in the process journal. Now are some improvements that we can make and struggles that we faced but overcame during the film making process.

Shoe holding different hands

Shoe holding different hands

First of all, some improvements that we can make in the film is the continuity. Even though this is not the main focus of the film, it is very important to keep it in place. A scene that continuity was not kept was when I was holding my foot to see the gum stuck. In the FS I would be holding my foot with two hands but in the CU I was holding my foot with one hand. Even though this is a subtle difference, it might distract the audience from the content of the film.

Secondly, some struggles that we faced but overcame during the film making process was the lighting. Since there was no direct sunlight in the hallway even though we tried to manipulate the settings of the camera, it wouldn’t get lighter. Mr. Hurst suggested that we use a light kit. We used one of the lamps so that the light was reflected off the ceiling on to the hallway.

Overall, filming Bubble Gum was a great opportunity. More points and a longer reflection is in the hard copy process journal.

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