Présentation et réflexion; Notre école

1. Réflextion

  • Understanding/interaction: How well do you respond to stimuli and surprise questions?

I think our team responded quite well to the stimuli of notre école because we constantly put in our opinions on the school which made the script very creative. Also, even though there weren’t surprise questions since it wasn’t a question and ask, we made sure that we added information in extended detail to make it a surprise for the audience. For example, we added information about the swimming pool that is not in our school and information on it as well.

  • Context: Do you adapt your language depending on what you are writing/ saying and who to?

For the context I think we did well adapting our language depending on our situation and who we were because we constantly used a lot of the prenom “Nous” for example “Nous avons, Nous parlons, Nous suivons, Nous proposons etc” to express our verbs because the whole point was to present as a team and we decided to show this by adding the prenom nous. Also we adapted our language depending on our audience. For example, since the point of making this was to present our school to Pierre Lotti, we even added the little details like the name of the school, and when the school was founded. Overall, I think we did a very good job for the context.

  • Message: How well does she express her ideas and feelings?

Message was one of the strongest aspects that we managed to show during our presentation. Our group didn’t just want to give facts about the school but we wanted to express our ideas about them. Also, we went one step further and showed our different ideas towards one subject. For example, for the conclusion, we added two separated speeches one for Mert and one for me looking at our overall views about the school. We mentioned our opinion the distance from the school to our house and this was effective since I live close to the school and Mert doesn’t. Also we expressed our ideas constantly throughout the presentation not only in the conclusion but in areas such as the subjects that we like or do not like. However, one weakness is that we repeated the distance from the house to the school 2 times, one shortly in the introduction and one in the conclusion extended.

  • Organization: Does she organise and link her ideas?

The way that we organised the ideas was in a five paragraph format. We had an introduction to discuss about the basic information about IICS, a paragraph on les cours, a paragraph on les activites, a paragraph on le système scolaire en france, and finally a conclusion which included our opinions on the school. This was a very logical way of putting the script because one can tell when a topic changes and where it ends. Also we used a lot of transition words as well. For example we used “D’abord, mais, ensuite, en plus, aussi, tout d’abord, alors, troisièment, finalement, parce que, car”. However, one feedback we got from our peers was that even though we used a variety of linking verbs but we should have used less of aussi because it appears a lot.

  • Language: Does she use appropriate vocabulary and correct verbs? How clear is her speech?

We managed to used a variety of verbs that not many people for example “nous suivons” was one that many people didn’t used that we manage to get in their. Also the pronunciations were good as I didn’t add the é should during the present tense. For example I said je parle instead of je parlé. I made sure that I wasn’t making pronunciation mistakes but when I tried to say things in french I stuttered quite a lot which may have got in to my communication.

2. Présentation

3. Script


Présentation et réflexion; Notre école — 3 Comments

  1. J’aime votre présentation et je ne pense pas qu’il y avait quelque chose de mal avec le présentation. Mais, je pense que tu peux etre plus fort quand tu parles.

  2. tu as utilisé beaucoup la opinion pour notre école. Aussi tu as utilisé bien connector ce aider à explique sa presentation (En plus tu as utilisé très exemple). Mais Il aurait mieux si tu utilise moins “aussi” parce que tu as utilisé beaucoup

  3. Bonjour Halim,

    Tu utilise les connecteurs et l’imparfait, mais il y a d’erreurs avec le conjugaison de “être”, et prononciation des verbes au present.

    Bonne journée,

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