2) Part 2

1. Maps

Information on the maps:

i) transportation map

-Most of the roads were kept the same as the present roads of Dubai.

– Around the roads there are Electric car charge space which is like a gas station except you charge you car with electricity.

– There are bus routes for each Zone and they are represented in different colours.

– Also, the blue dots represent the change zone bus stops because you don’t always want to be in one zone. It is where you stop and get on the other bus.

ii) Culture, Places, Zones Map

– Because there wasn’t a lot of cultural places in Dubai, I have kept the tourism monuments such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

-The Police station, hospital, and the fire station is together because they can work together if something is wrong.

– The Overall area of Dubai is the same and the population density because there was land in the south that no one used, so I used that space to make more space for people to live.

2. Part 2 Document