5) TFA SLD Blog Post

1. Discussion Questions

2. Discussion webs

3. Reflection Question: How did providing a guiding discussion question affect your group’s discussion? Did it help you focus and have a greater discussion, or was it too prescriptive and limited?

1) 1st trial

The guiding question for our group for the first SLD was discussing on how the poem “The second Comming” relates to things fall apart and Achebe’s view. Providing a guiding discussion question was very well done. However, the discussion couldn’t get any richer because there were boundaries on the poem and we couldn’t go much further. However, we touched a lot of important topics. Next time I hope we have a more broader question.

2) 2nd trial

The guiding question for our group for the first SLD was who was more savage, the imperialists or the people who got imperialised. Personally I think this debate was more of a rich discussion because it was a broader topic and we could talk a lot about the book and about the knowledge that we know that does not necessarily have to be from the book, and it can be from historical context.


Overall, I think I participated well in each of the discussions. However, I talked too much in the second discussion and I think it would have been better if I hadn’t spoken that much. Also I should have given more humanities related information so that the discussion could have been richer and much more vibrant than it was.