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II. Information

1. Product Information and Reflection

ㄱ1Hello, Welcome to my Draw my Interdisciplinary Life. This is going to be an explanation about my Interdisciplinary unit. First of all, let me explain the longer view of this project. So in IICS there are 3 sections from 1st grade to 12th. There is something called PYP, MYP and DP. For PYP, we ended that 2 years ago and we are currently livin the MYP life. In DP we have something called the personal project. The interdisciplinary unit is something similar to this.

I am doing this project because I wanted to and I worked very hard. So in this project we had to go through different stages of this unit. They are Research, Development, Construction and what I am doing now, presentation. These are stages that go through making a product that is made up of simple machines.

So in the research stage I thought a lot, I mean literally, a lot. I didn’t start the project until the last two weeks because my creative juices weren’t flowing. This was when I realized that all my other friends have thought of an idea and I was the only one who hasn’t thought of it. I thought and thought because I didn’t want to make a product which couldn’t benefit the world, I wanted to make a product that did have an impact on the society.

ㄱ2ㄱ3Near the two week mark is when it clicked. I realized that I had problem with the rain and I decided to make an Umbrella Spinner. An umbrella spinner is something that takes the water out of an umbrella after it is used so that it doesn’t leak. I know that a lot of people, including me, had a lot of problems with the water leaking from the umbrella that is used. That is why I chose this dandy product.

ㄱ4I had a lot of problems such as not buying the materials until the last minute, but at the end my product turned out all right.  As you can see in the video works very well even though it might not be the prettiest product, it works very well.


Usually, the client is a professional person but for me my client is my sister. She gave a lot of useful feedback and I used it a lot to fix my product.

There are a lot of things that I can fix in my product. Such as I can file up the thing a bit and I can make the glue cleaner.



2. Scientific Principles and Historical Connections

a) Gear

ㄱ7ㄱ8In my product I have one simple machine which the gear. The gear is known as an evolved version of a lever. Gears are also similar to the wheel except it has something called teeth. Teeth work when two different gears interweave with each other to move. There are two different types of gears, which are the driver and the follower. The drive is the one that you are moving and the follower is the one that moves while you are turning the driver. There is also something called the gear ratio. The gear ratio is something to measure how many turns your gears have. For example it is measured (# of driven teeth) / (# of driving teeth). If you have 10 teeth in the driven gear and 5 teeth in the driving gear it means that every time you turn the driving gear twice, the driven gear turns once. There is also something called the RPM, which is an abbreviation for Revolution per minute.

ㄱ9It makes our lives easier by having a lot of machines such as transportation. Gears are used in bicycles and trains, which are one of the main transportations in this world. Another way that gears make our lives easier is doing the work for us. For example gears are used in mills. Mills are used to make power and gears make power by using natural sources such as water. Another way mills are used are that they crush food for the life stock instead of people.

ㄱ91Gears have been used a lot in history. For example it was used to power a lot of Greek inventions such as clocks in 3rd century BC. It is not clear who discovered gears but it is shown that gears where first mention by Hero of Alexandria in 50 AD. Gears were also used in Water wheels or Water mills. For people who don’t know what water wheels and mills are, they are machines that use water to make power to use.  It is known that after this time not a lot of development was made for gears until in the 17th – 19th century they made inventions using gears. For example, they made constant cutters using gears and the hobbing machine was made to make gears.

We can see that in history the gears have affected us a lot. But how about now? These days we use gears in transportation such as bicycles and gear trains. If we didn’t have bicycles we would not have a “Green” transportation and the environment would be greatly affected. Another way gears impact our modern society is that it helps us is the clock. The clock was first made from gears and if we didn’t have gears than we wouldn’t be able to keep our promises and always be late for meetings. These are just some of the reasons of how gears have affected modern humans.


b) Screw

ㄱ92The screw has two parts to it, which are the body and the thread. For people who don’t know what the thread is, it is the little incline plane that wraps around the screw. The measurement between the threads of the screw is called the pitch as the space between the teeth of a gear is called a pitch. If the space of the threads is smaller they hold better. However, you have to turn the screw more to make it go fully in.

Screws are used a lot to make our lives easier. They take the role as fasteners and they fasten different parts together to make one. For example if you are putting legs on a table it is better to use a screw than to use glue because a screw stays for a long period of time. Another way that screws are used is that you can carry water from one place to another. This has to do with the Archimedes screw.

ㄱ93There is a lot of history about the screw. It is said that the screw was invented in the 1st century. However, historians say that it is not clear who invented the screw and it just evolved from time to time. The first screws were made out of wood and they were used as pressing things such as clothes. One famous type of screw is the Archimedes screw. However it is not the familiar nut and bolt type of screw that we are dealing with. The Archimedes screw is an item that used the science of the threads of the screw to pull up water.

ㄱ94Screws have a lot of impacts in the modern times as well. These days’ screws are needed. For example, screws are used to keep us safe. Screws are used to fasten railways, doors, and a lot of different things that move. If we didn’t have the screw, people would have the trouble of sticking everything together with glue constantly. However, if we have the screw we won’t have this problem because it fastens it tightly so there is a less chance of it moving.


c) Pulleys

ㄱ95Pulleys is also another simple machine that helps on in our every day lives. Pulleys are made up of two different parts. One part is called the block, which is a disk shaped object that makes space for the rope to go through. The reasons why pulleys are used are because it makes the amount of force less for us to lift something up. A type of pulley called the fixed pulley is used to lift things up and is used to change direction of the force. A movable pulley lets you have a mechanical advantage and it is used to life something heavy that you wouldn’t be able to in real life.

Pulleys make our lives easier by lifting heavy things up. For example, if we want to lift a block of metal up in a construction site a person might not be able to haul a 100 kg block of metal up to the 30th floor. That is when people use pulleys to do the work because it reduces the force that it needed the raise the block of metal in this case.

ㄱ96It is known that Archimedes at Sicily first invented Pulleys in 250 BC. But it is possible that the Mesopotamia people used pulleys long before this in 1500 to haul up water. However, it is still unknown to who made the pulley. Pulleys are also said to be used by Egyptians to haul up stones to build the pyramid of Giza.

ㄱ97Ways that pulleys are used in the modern times are that it is used with motors to raise heavy loads and items usually in construction sites. Some examples of these pulleys are cranes. Cranes can be often found in construction sites. An Elevator is also a pulley used to move a lot of people up or down.


d) Inventor Philip Diehl

ㄱ98The inventor that I chose is Philip Diehl. I picked Philip Diehl first of all because he was one of the inventors that had a lot of ideas on him because he invented a serious of machines. He inspired me because he used things from his everyday life to make his inventions. In his case it was the sewing machine.

Some Biographical Information is that he was born in Dalsheim, Germany, January 29th 1847. He is originally German, but he moved to America when he was very young. He moved to New York and he worked in several machine companies until he got married in 1875 and worked on sewing machines in a plant named signer. He made a lot of different machines such as the Diehl Induction lamp, the bobbin driver, and the ceiling fan. Then he died on April 7th, 1913 when he was 66.

He had a lot of fails and successes and I have learned from them as well. For example, Diehl had failed in his invention of the induction lamp because of Thomas Edison’s lamp. Then he remembered that it wasn’t his subject that he was good at and made the ceiling fan using the part that he was good at which were sewing machines. I’ve learned a lot from him that creativity and inventions don’t pop out from nowhere, they come from your everyday life.



The time period that he lived in was the gilded age. The gilded age was the time after the civil war, which was about from the 1870s to the 20th century. Mark Twain called this period the Gilded age because it looked fine on the outside but the government was very corrupt. However, this period in time was also the time when a lot of machines and inventions were made.



3. Process Reflection

ㄱ994Overall, I think my product is very well made and it works very well. At first I thought that the product wouldn’t work because I thought the cylinder would be too heavy and wouldn’t turn. However, I found out that it worked very well and I was happy. Other teachers and friends found it amusing as well.

My client said that the product was very good but the plastic could be filed up and the glue that it sticking the plastic inner cylinder together could be spread more so that it wouldn’t look messy. She said that the cost of the materials were too expensive and it doesn’t match the testing point of cost that she told me before I made my product.

I am not going to talk about all of the points of the Design Specifications because there are too much. I am going to talk about some of them. First of all, some points that I haven’t achieved are the cost. The cost for the materials was about 40 TL, which is far from my point when I said that the cost of the product would be 15- 20 TL. Another point that I haven’t achieved is the time scale and planning point. I said that it would take about 40 hours to make my product but it turned out that it took about 2 hours to make it. There are some points that I fulfilled as well such as the Aesthetic appearance. I noted that it had to be a shape of an upside down cup, be semi-transparent, and be smooth and hard. This meets the requirements of my product. Another point that it meets it’s the Health and safety. I took about 20 minutes to file my product so that it is less dangerous.

My product is useful because it is not a toy that just entertains people; it is a product that helps our everyday lives. This product takes out the water after the umbrella is used and is all wet. A lot of people have problems with water dripping from the umbrellas and my product fixes this problem.

           A lot can still be improved such as filing the product more so that it looks perfect. Another thing that can be improved is that I can make the wood rod out of a different material so that it wouldn’t get wet. Another way that my product can be improved is that I can make the product so that the umbrella is held.


ㄱ995Research: I have had both successes and weaknesses in the research phase. First of all, I am going to talk about the successes. For research stage, it was the first time for me to do this kind of project but I did my best to relate it to the MYP design cycle that we did last year. Also a success is that I had more interviews than last year. Last year I had one person who answered the questions but I had three people this year, my sister, my mom, and Sofie, so this was a big achievement for me. Another good thing that I did was that I handed in a copy for Mr. Thorburn to check and see if I did a good job while last year sometimes I missed this opportunity.

ㄱ996Now, some weaknesses are that I didn’t put the explanations of the materials that I was going to use. I have put the tools that I have to use but I forgot and didn’t add the materials. This was very foolish of me and I promised that if I do this project again I would add the materials. Another weakness that I had was that I didn’t know what quality assurance and control was and I got them confused. Next time that I do this I will define them correctly and make sure that I don’t have any errors.

Some feedback on how my actual project can be improved is that I could add more pictures because people don’t read a lot of words when they see a website, they see the pictures and if it interests them they keep on reading or look through the website. I need to be aware of this and continue to add more pictures in my project if I could improve it. Another thing that I can improve is that I can have more different types of clients. For example, I only had female clients and I might want to have male client’s opinion on my product as well.

A way that the general research section could be improved is that personally it would have been easier for me if the section was divided more strictly so we can see which part is for what subject and which criteria so we can ask the teachers questions for their different sections. It was hard for me to ask questions because my teachers would give me answers from their subject’s point of view. Other than that point I thought that the research section was well organized.


ㄱ995Development: A success that I had was that I made two different designs of the same objective. At first I was confused how to do this because my objective was very specific and I didn’t know if I could make another design. Thankfully I found a kitchen towel dispenser and an idea clicked. ‘What if I could make an umbrella spinner that is horizontal and can go on the wall?’ This is exactly what I did and I was proud of my self. Another success story is that I added the materials used in to Development. Previously I mentioned that it was sad that I didn’t add the materials, but guess what? We had a chance to add it in the development stage. I was happy and I added it right away.

ㄱ996Even though I did a good job, I had a lot of times in which I wanted to fix things. For example, I took pictures of my sketches, which resulted in low quality pictures. Next time that I draw sketches I promise that I will scan them so they are of better quality. The next thing I could have improved on was the client interviews. I realized that I only had four separate videos when it could have been better if I had more than four. Then it would have been more reliable.

Some feedback on how my general development can improve is again, have more pictures. This seems like not a lot, but it makes a huge difference if there are more pictures because it makes the document or website more visually appealing.

Some feedback on how development can be improved, as a project is that there should be particular lessons on how to make the client interviews more pleasing like on I movie or things like that so that people will like it better. Another way that development can be improved is that we have more design ideas so that we have more possibilities to choose from. This can be good because we have more plans if we fail one plan we can move on to another.


ㄱ995Construction: I would say that construction was the hardest stage in the interdisciplinary unit. This was a very hard unit because we had to build the product, do the process journal with more questions and do separate science and humanities research. This was perhaps that stage that I had the most panic attacks in. Some things that I did well in the construction stage are that I added a lot of pictures to the process journal. I added them wherever I could so that you don’t have to read to know what I am talking about. Another success is that I finished my product on time. This was a huge problem for me because I needed a cylinder that fit my gear exactly and I couldn’t find one. That is why I made one out of plastic. I bought this on the last minute but thankfully my product was not hard to make.

ㄱ996Even though I had some successes, I had some things that I could improve on as well. For example, I could have done more of the testing against specifications. I did about four but for me, I don’t think this was enough try. Next time I do this project I might want to add more testing against specifications so that my product could match my specification more. Another thing that I could improve is that I could add even more pictures. In some sections, I didn’t add pictures because I didn’t do any building in this section. This was partly because I didn’t buy my materials until some of the last weeks. Next time I will buy my materials in advance. Also I could make the quality of the product better buy filing the edges.

Some feedback on how my general Product Construction is that I might want my construction product more clean and dandy. I thought my product wasn’t neat enough. However, I realized that I liked it and other people like the way it worked. I was happy on how my product was built.

Some feedback on how Product Construction could be improved is that Maybe we could move around the rooms more freely so we could build in other class times. I realize that the dt room is packed but it would have been nice for us to change rooms if we want to because it is the whole point of the interdisciplinary unit. A thing that was good about this stage was that I could tell the different between the different subjects and it was very helpful for me when I was looking at the different criteria.


4. What you got out of this project

Overall, I’ve got a lot out of this project. So I’m not going to say something cheesy like this product changed my life or simple machines is my hero, I’m going to speak about things that I actually got out of this project.

The first thing that I learned was that oh, boy, time management. It’s not that I did it well but I did everything the last minute that I learned that I need to do work earlier from now on. I don’t know what happened to me. When I was little, I used to do homework right when I got home and play after that. I guess it’s because of social networks… I always tell myself to manage my time and do better but… it doesn’t always turn out well. I always say things like this in my head, ‘oh, I’ll just do 10 more minutes of this social networking site and then I’ll finish my project’. This would be good but it goes on for weeks and weeks until I finished everything in the last minute. This was especially true for the interdisciplinary unit and I was rushed and panicked. I learned that I need to finish work gradually.

The second thing that I learned out of this project is that now I have the urge to invent things and I don’t even know why. Personally, before this project, I didn’t really like building machines. It wasn’t my ‘thing’. But know that I made an Umbrella Spinner which is a brilliant invention I thought that maybe I can make more inventions like that. I think this was a project that got my creative juices flowing.

Well that’s the end of my extreme-ultra-super long video… Hope you enjoyed it. Bye!

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