Evidence of Testing

Aesthetic appearance (Shape, color, texture): I will conduct a survey to people ask my client after I make my product to make sure that my final drawing matches with my product. (I decided to ask my client because it was the client who decides finally). 

When I asked my client, my client stated that the colors and the materials were very identical and she approved of it.



IMPROVEMENT- Quality Control: I will check if the product works properly. This will decided when the Quality Control is conducted.


I experimented with my umbrella to see if it works. I found out that it works well since I was worried that it couldn’t turn the umbrella because it might have been too heavy. The reason it worked was because I poked the hole in the swimming cap but it didn’t work so I made the hole bigger.


Health and safety: I will check my self if it has any dangerous parts and fix any problems.


I checked for dangerous parts and I found out the hole at the top was kind of rough so I filed it extra so that it wasn’t dangerous


Weight: I will be putting my product on a weight to see if it is less than 10 kg.


I have tested this and put this on a weight and measured to see if it was less than 10kg. I found out that it wasn’t even 1 kg and it was about 0.9 kg.

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