9) Testing Against Specification

Target Market: I will ask people who are suitable for this target and create a survey to see if they find this product useful or not.


Functions: I will test my product to see if it really prevents rainwater from falling on to public places buy using it my self.


Materials: I will test if I will need these materials by creating a list of materials and tick the materials off when I am actually using them.


Ergonomics/ overall sizes: When I am making the product I will check if the height of 43cm actually works on my product.


Manufacturing processes and quantity: I will test this by creating a list of dates where we have class and I will calculate the time that we have and test and plan ahead.


Equipment/ tools- requirements: I will create a list of tools and check of the ones that I use each time to check if I am actually using all of these tools.


Maintenance Requirements: I will test the product by putting it outside in windy weather for 1 hour to see if it is in its spot.


Product life span and life cycle: I will research and test if the materials that I am using are actually reusable materials or not.


Aesthetic appearance (Shape, color, texture): I will conduct a survey to people after I make my product to make sure that my final drawing matches with my product.


Quality Assurance: I will test this by putting weights on to my product so see if I need less that once in 3 months.


Quality Control: I will check if the product works properly. This will decided when the Quality Control is conducted.


Cost: I will create a list of products I used and will calculate the cost to see if it meets my criteria.


Time scale and planning: I will make a schedule to see if the time frame that I have to make the product is actually more than 40 hours.


Health and safety: I will check my self if it has any dangerous parts and fix any problems.


Weight: I will be putting my product on a weight to see if it is less than 10 kg.

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