8) Specification

Target Market: The target market for my product is people who live in rainy places.


Functions: The function that my product is going to do is keep rainwater from dripping from umbrellas in public areas.


Materials: The materials that I am going to use are types of saws. I need the saws because I will need to cut dowel. I will also need a glue gun in order to glue everything together.


Ergonomics/ overall sizes: The size of the product should be about 43cm of height.


Manufacturing processes and quantity: I will make 1 product and the process time will be the time the due date is due for the product building.


Equipment/ tools- requirements: The tools that I will need are Hack Saw, Steal rule, Snips, File, Engineer square, Scissors, Tenon saw, glue-gun, and a Craft knife.


Maintenance Requirements: The product shouldn’t be too light because then it will fly off.


Product life span and life cycle: The product should be reusable and it will have a 5 year guarantee.


Aesthetic appearance (Shape, color, texture): The shape of the product should be  an upside down cup. The color of the product is going to be semi-transparent. The texture of the product is going to be hard but smooth.


Quality Assurance: Quality assurance will be held once every 3 months so that clients know how not dangerous my product is.


Quality Control: The quality control will be held once a month to see if the product is working correctly.


Cost: The cost of this product is 15-20TL because it needs to be affordable to buy a lot of because you need this product for daily life.


Time scale and planning: It will take about 40 hours to make my product.


Health and safety: My product will have dangerous parts cut off so that the clients don’t become hurt.


Weight: The weight of this product will be less than 10 kg.

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