6) Materials and Tools


  1. The hack Saw: The hack saw is used to cut metal and thick material. It is also used to cut wood. When using the hack saw you have to be careful not to hurt yourself.
  2. The coping Saw: The coping saw is used to cut curves in to mainly wood. Like the hack saw, you have to be careful not to hurt yourself
  3. Steel Rule: A steel rule a basically a ruler that you use to measure to see if the product that you are making matches up with the measurements on your paper. This is very important.
  4. Snips: The snips are used to cut metal wires when needed. The thing you have to be careful about the snips is that it is very tough to cut and that is why you have to be careful so that it doesn’t come to your eyes.
  5. File: The file is usually used to smooth edges. You can smooth the edges of wood so that it looks very nice.
  6. Engineer Square: The engineer square is used for measuring and cutting the shape of the material you are using without the steel rule.
  7. Pliers: The plier is mainly used for bending items or to put pressure on metals.
  8. Scissors: Scissors are used to cut thin material like paper and cardboard. You have to use the craft knife for things thicker like hard density foam board.
  9. The Screw driver: The screw driver is used to screw in bolts in to the right spots. There are different shapes for different types of bolts.
  10. Hammer: The hammer is used hit nails and to connect different pieces of wood, plastic, metal etc. together.
  11. Tenon saw: The tenon saw is generally used to cut tenon joints. Like the other saws you have to be careful not to hurt your hand.
  12. Craft Knife: The craft knife is used to cut thicker materials that scissors cannot cut such as high density foam board. You have to use a mat when you are using this because it will make marks.

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