5) Innovation and Inspiration

i) 1. (The Salad Spinner )



2. (Clothes Dryer)

Untitled 1


3. (umbrella plastic cover machine)

 Untitled 2

ii)         These three products are all related and are the things that I used to think of my idea of a umbrella spinner. The one that I want to analyze here most is the salad spinner because that is the one that relates to my product the most.

In a typical kitchen we can find something called a salad spinner. For people who don’t know what a salad spinner is, it is a device that when you spin it, the water inside the vegetables come out. This device seems very simple but there are a lot of scientific facts behind this simple machine.  One important part of the physics of this device is that it uses gears. The picture to the right is the cover of the salad spinner. If you spin the handle the gear connected to it moves the gear connected to the giant spinner and that moves. Gears are very important in this product. Gears in general are wheels with teeth and they interconnect with each other as they move.Untitled

Also the gears are separated to two sections, one is called the driver and one the follower. The driver is the one that you turn and the follower is the one that moves as you movie the driver. If you spin the salad spinner at least thrice it would start turning rapidly and take the water. The reason why this happens is because of the gear ratio. This is something that you can use to depict your gears Untitled 1in numbers. There is also a formula for this which is (number of driven teeth)/ (number of driving teeth). For example if you say that the ratio of the driver and follower are 3/6, this means that as the driver turns 3 times, the follower has 6 turns. These are the gear basics that make the salad bowl spin as well. You can also find out something called the RPM, which are the revolutions per minute.

In the Salad spinner it uses this process by when you spin the bigger wheel the smaller wheel goes around faster and more frequently making it spin rapidly after not a lot of spins. In my product, I spin the smaller gear, which is different from why we use gears, uses this. I used this for the fact that I could move something else while I am doing another thing not because I could spin fewer times. The ratio for my product is:


Driver: 60 Teeth

Driven: 160 Teeth

Ratio= 160:60 = 8:3


Also, the reason why the water comes out of the salad when it spins is because a force is made. That force is called the centrifugal force. Centrifugal force is caused when an object is moving away from the place that the object is caused to turn.


iii)  1) There are different types of salad spinners. Some of them you have to turn by hand to get the water out and some of them you have to press a button and a motor does it for you.

Effective: The motor salad spinner doesn’t require physical labor.

Ineffective: There is more chance of it breaking because it uses a motor.

 Looking further: The first salad spinner was made mechanically but now that there is some more technology and skills, people made something called the motor salad spinner, which doesn’t require any physical labor. Some people consider the motor salad spinner to be more effective because it is more “21st century” like, but that might not be the case. This might seem easier at first because you don’t have to work as much, but as you use it overtime, it is bound to break. Even though the crank spinner might break as well, it can be used more because all you have to do is not spin to hard so the gears fall off. That is why I believe that the salad spinner is effective.

  2)  It only washes the salad types of vegetables and not all the vegetables.

Effective: It is Effective for people who eat salads all the time.

Ineffective: It is ineffective for people who don’t eat as much salad because you can’t drain water from other vegetables.

 Looking Further: I have wrote that it only washes the salad types of vegetables and not all the vegetables. There are good effects of this such as it is effective for people who eat salad often but it might not be effective fore people who don’t. They might want to drain water out of different types of vegetables and this might be possible if we modify the salad spinner. Some people might think that it wouldn’t be easy to modify salad spinners but you will find out that it is not that hard. For example, college students were able to modify the salad spinner to be used for medical purposes. This indicates that it is possible to alter it to make it wash different products.


3)    Salad spinners can extend life of the salads and prevent waste.

Effective: It is effective because the world is having problems with waste and this prevents unnecessary waste.

Ineffective: Some people might want to buy fresh packaging because they don’t want to bother buying a salad spinner.


Looking Further: Salad Spinners are effective because they can prevent people throwing out scraps of food or special plastic bags that are used to take the water out of the salads. However, there are people who think that the salad spinner is too expensive and they don’t bother buying it. In comparison, which is going to be explained below in the economic impacts section, it is shown that buying a salad spinner is more effective than buying fresh packaged salads.


iv) Benefits

1) Social Benefit

The salad spinner seems to be like an object in everyday life but things like the salad spinner can help in a lot of ways surpassing the thoughts of people. It is shown scientifically that a salad spinner like machine helped detecting for anemia. This product is often referred to the centrifuge. This product has a social benefit. Anemia is an illness in which the body cannot produce enough blood cells for a person to be healthy.


The way this product works is this, tubes of blood are placed in the salad spinner and the turner approximately spins this for about 10 minutes. While the turner is spinning, centrifugal force is used to separate the blood. This measures the level of your blood. This is very important now days because the world health organization says that one third of the people of this world has anemia. Also the machine is only about $30 and people can buy it without a problem. The salad spinner doesn’t only have to help you in the kitchen; it can help your health as well.


There are a lot of positive and negative things about this product that can be discussed. For example, a positive thing is that you can measure it with less money. A negative thing is that the turner has to turn it for 10 minutes. However, even if you can use a high-tech machine it would cost a lot. Also some hesitation might be the cost that is added for the people who made the product but it can be seen that this was made by college students as an experiment and other people can make it easily as well. That is why I think that this product leans more to the positive side.

This is a video about how salad spinners help in the medical world:

The university students in this video state that anemia is a very serious disease and it can come side by side with AIDS and malaria. They call it the Sally centrifuge because it uses the basics of centrifugal force.

Also it is shown that consumer reports showed us that pre washed greens are at least 39% contaminated with bacteria. This means that it is better if we wash it at home than to leave it to the companies.

2. Economic Benifit

Another benefit is that families can benefit from using the salad spinner economically. In the market the average cost for a cleaned, water drained lettuce is about $4. At home you can do it for an average of 4 times for the same cost. This means that if people by one salad spinner and spin for an average of 1 times a day, you can save able to save about an average of $106. Even though it seems to be not a lot of difference when you see from the present, but when you see it from the future, you have a lot of money saved and that is what counts.

Also to repeat from the previous social benifit, consumer reports showed us that pre washed greens are at least 39% contaminated with bacteria. Also it is shown that they are almost $1 an ounce. If it is expensive and costs a lot will you want to buy this product? There are both positive and negative effects on this product. Some negative effects are that the companies that sell ready-dried vegetables will go down in profit. But there are more positive impacts as in vegetable companies will go up in profit and so will the companies for the salad spinners.


v)  Ideas for own product

Salad spinner: This was the machine that first got me thinking about making the umbrella spinner. The ideas that I got from this are using gears to make the basket move. Another idea I got from this is having another basket on top of the spinning one so that you can drain the water more easily. The salad spinner uses centrifugal force and I wanted to do something similar to it so that I can spin the spinner without using so much strength. Also the color influenced me. I wanted it to be transparent like the salad spinner so that people could actually see what was going on inside the umbrella spinner.

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