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a) The client that I want to consume this machine is quite large. Because everyone is monsoonaffected because of the rain, I would say that ages 5+ are my target age. But the target area would be East Asia. As seen in the picture of the world’s rainfall, we can see that the middle down to the southern hemisphere rains a lot so my target markets are those countries. Also it might be the most specific in the months of July and June in the East Asian countries because then is when most of the world has rainfall as shown in the picture. In June and July, which is summer in East Asian countries, they have something called a monsoon. A monsoon is in which in the summer, the countries rain a lot. This is caused by the wind direction, the temperature of the land, and the sea. The motion of the wind in summer goes from the sea to the land and back. Because the sea is so cold in summer and the land is of high temperature, they collide and create clouds and eventually rain. In the picture, the most little rain is marked as white and the most rain marked as purple. The countries that are colored white wouldn’t use my machine as much as well.


This video is a news about the monsoon period:


To analyze this video quickly, we can notice that the east Asian countries are getting effected because of the monsoon season. They also have a guest from a place called mercy relief talking about how they are trying to help the countries that are trapped and affected because of the rain storm that is devouring everything. For example, they mention that a typhoon had hit the Philippines and they mentioned that 7 people were dead and 2 were missing. My product can’t help prevent these sad endings, but it can help them to keep at least their houses clean and help keep their minds clean as well.


My target market will benefit from my machine in a lot of different ways and perspectives. One of which being that they wouldn’t have to take up space in the yard or their house to dry up the umbrella that is wet. Normally when people dry up their umbrellas, they open then up and wait for it to dry. The negative effects of this way are these. Firstly, they let out a rusting odor when it is let out too long.


Secondly, they take up space that can be used for other reasons. If people use my machine, it can reduce these problems and make these problems disappear. For the first problem it will dry more quickly which will cause the rusting to lessen. For the second problem it take up less space around in the house because the machine is smaller than an umbrella when it is big. These were the effects that my product has on the individual but my machine can make people benefit as a group as well. If my product is put in front of malls, people can lessen the amount of rainwater leakage from the umbrellas. Also it can reduce work for the people that clean all of these puddles inside. My product not only benefits the consumers, but it benefits the people around the consumers as well. This what you call that you caught 2 birds with one stone.

 b) Impacts

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i) Environmental Impacts

Continuing from before, I have mentioned that my product can catch 2 birds with one stone. This means that my product cannot only benefit the consumers but the people around them as well. Even though the cleaners benefiting is one example of this, there are bigger ways that my machine can benefit bigger amount of people and even the world.


One aspect where my product can benefit is environmental. When you think of umbrellas, I doubt that anyone can think of the environment benefiting because of this product, which simply takes water from the umbrellas. But there is more to this product than people expect. There was an invention before my product, which could prevent the water from leaking in quite a different way. This invention works like this, if you put the umbrella in to a hole in a machine, it will be put in to a plastic bag. At first people thought this was a great idea but it was not far until people discovered that there was a major problem in the environment because of this product. Because there were too many plastic covers used, a lot of countries had a lot of down turns of waste. About one million plastic bags are used in a minute. That means that each year about 1 trillion plastic bags are used up. But my product makes the world so that you don’t need to use plastic bags and can remove water for you. There are a lot more positive impacts then there are of negative impacts because as we know, nothing can be perfect.


Plastic bags also affect animals as well. Greenpeace, which is an organization, says that 90% of the trash that animals choke on or are tangled in is plastic which is well over half the amount. Again, my product prevents this from happening.


Some people might think recycling might be the answer to this problem but it is shown that recycling can actually worsen the environment. Gerry Fishbeck, the vice president of UNited Resource Recovery Corporation, which is a recycling company, says “So even though it’s recyclable, that material will get separated out and disposed of as waste at the recycling facility.” He is trying to mention that even though the material is said to be “recycled” it is all turned in to waste and thrown out.


One negative impact is that people might think that because mine is made out of plastic as well, it will effect the environment as well and eventually, they might not use my product. But however I believe that the positive impacts out weigh the negative impacts because although my product uses plastic as well, the plastic is reusable while the plastic bags are not.

ii) Economic Impact

One other aspect where my product can be beneficial is economically. People say that if we use plastic cover sheets or bags to cover up our umbrellas, we can recycle them and it is no problem. But statistics show that they are wrong. In 2002, in New York City they were recycling and all of a sudden they stopped the recycling of glass and plastic. The mayor, Michael Bloomberg explained that the cost of recycling was much more than throwing it out. This means that the economy has to be stable even to recycle plastic. To prevent some of the plastic from being thrown out, the economy should use my safe, long lasting and affordable product.


Because no product is perfect, there might be some negative impacts on my product as well. Because it is long lasting and it is complicated to make it will cost more than a bag of plastic. But I believe that the positive of my product outweighs the negative. Even if you need to by my product it only costs about 15 lira which is about 8-10 dollars. Even just 37 million dollars- 107 million dollars are spent on just dealing with the plastics in the dumps. This shows that my product outweighs using plastic bag. This means that you can save a couple million dollars. This could be perfect for developing countries or undeveloped countries because it is affordable and yet it can be used for a long time saving up money and building up the economy.

My product cannot only help things around us but can help the world in things such as the environment and the economy.

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