1) Production Identification and Description

The future machine that I will create is an umbrella spinner. An umbrella spinner is a device that makes the umbrella move in a circle and take out all of the rainwater that is in the umbrella so that rusting and odours are reduced. Even though that this machine seems very simple, there are a lot of scientific principals to this product.


The machine is a see through cylinder. Inside the cylinder there are two gears, one small gear and one big gear. On the big gear there is a plastic cylinder with holes in it. These holes are where the water comes of the machine. On top of the machine, there is a hole where the handle of the umbrella can hang on.  On the gears, there are sticks that are on the smaller gear that when you turn it the big gear moves. As the big gear turns, the plastic cylinder will turn making the umbrella move as well.  This makes the water fall off from the umbrella making it clean. The machine uses something called gears. Gears are the core of my product. Gears are wheels that have teeth that mesh with each other. There is a big gear and a small gear in my product the big one is called the wheel and the smaller one is called the pinion. Depending on the way you put the force in to, the direction of the gears can change. My umbrella will be on top of the wheel and the handle will be attached to the pinion.


As mentioned before, the need that it will meet is, take out the rain water from the umbrella. When you go outside in the rain, especially when there is a rainstorm, you always have to use your umbrella. Usually when you use your umbrella, it is soaked with water and you can’t take it inside a public place or your house. That is what this machine is for. You can put this machine in front of your house and take out the water from it. If you use this machine, you don’t have to worry about taking the wet umbrella in to your house.


I personally chose this machine because of global warming; a lot of people have problems with the rainstorms that are becoming stronger than before. This means that people will need this machine more than before. I am interested in this field because a lot of rain comes in the places I lived in, especially in Turkey and Korea. And I have noticed that a lot of people have problems with the rain and the umbrellas that they have to use. I have been to the public places like malls and saw all of the rainwater on the ground. Because there was rainwater on the ground, it created a strange odor and it made people slip occasionally. That is why I thought of this idea so that rainwater can be reduced in public places.


a)     Sketch from Bird eye view (measurements of the width)

스크린샷 2013-09-24 10.41.33 PM


b) Sketch from front (measurements of the height and what it does

스크린샷 2013-09-24 10.41.44 PM

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