The boy and his inner god

This is the myth from the long lost culture called the Reduna people:


Once upon a time there was a Goddess named Lark. She was the goddess of good, well being and birds. The people of Reduna worshiped the goddess going to the temple once a week. They also had sacrificial food thrown in the altar once a month. Lark was a beautiful goddess with silver flowing hair and a perfect face. As long as she was looking over the Reduna people, everything was perfect and fine. No one had any illnesses and no one was unhappy. That is, until one boy came in to the picture. This boy’s name was Fele. Fele wanted to be a manly god that could surpass the power of any other being in Reduna.


“If the Goddess is so flawless, why didn’t she make me perfect?” Fele shouted in to the sky as if to protest to the Goddess.


Lark was furious when she heard this. ‘Why, this boy is different from any other human. I will have to do something with him.’


She had an idea.


A few days after that incident, Lark came down to the human world disguised as a girl of 10.


“Hey, you! Boy there?” Lark shouted at Fele.


“What do you want kid?” Fele sneered.


“I have a message from the goddess.” Lark whispered close to his year. “She’ll make you a god.”


Fele believed this and said, “What do I need to do to become a god?”


“You have to climb up to the highest of highest places to be found in Reduna.” She hissed.


Fele thought this would be a piece of cake, but oh how wrong he was. The highest of highest places was a tower called the tower of happiness. It was a very religious tower and it was said that people who went up there received eternal happiness. Fele packed some goods in a sac and became to climb the  stairs of the dark, high tower. It took him a painstaking 2 months but he finally reached the top of the tower.


“Goddess, are you going to make me a god now?” Fele cried with a huff.


“Yes,” Boomed the goddess. “I am going to make you a god.”


With a click, Fele turned in to a creature that was neither animal or human. His face was abstract and no evidence of reality was shown. his head was very angular and the shape was a cats. His eyes were crescents with beady pupils in the middle. His mouth pulled all the way to his cheek. His face was black and white representing his personality. His head was covered in wavy patterns which was his passion for becoming a god.  His mouth was exaggerated in a shape of the triangle making him more sly. The face was emphasized as well because it wasn’t only one color, it was multiple. Also it was emphasized because of the patterns on the face. To sum it up, he looked hideous.




“This is your inner god!” The goddess hissed. “You are a filthy monster full of darkness and yet you desire to surpass the power of anything in Reduna! You are foolish!”


“This isn’t what I asked for!” cried Fele.


“But you can’t become something you can’t. Anyhow, you have become a god, have you not? You will stay as a god for eternity.”


This is why until this day, Fele is a cat god who is thegod of darkness and slyness. Because his inner god is a cat, he is the sly god. The people of Reduna still worship Fele the cat god by wearing a mask and impersonating the cat god in ceremonial dances called the Revena. In the dances he is doing good doing good things. The point is that the mask has to be worn by a handsome young man because that is what Fele wanted to be like and second because he likes to see the grief of handsome people being ugly. The clothes have to be all black when preforming because he is the god of darkness. That was how Reduna lasted, Lark the good goddess, and Fele the bad god.


If the Reduna people doesn’t do these rituals they believe that Fele will come to each of them and pull out their bad part part of their inner god and pull them to the underworld to live for an eternity….


Beware my little ones or you might just get it…



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