My Abstract Sculpture Brainstorm

Idea #1


I like eating. It doesn’t mean that I gorge on everything I find, this means that I like going around luxurious restaurants eating well known foods. I also like eating food from different cultures. This is a good passion to pick because you can depict a lot of things with just one topic and I believe that I can do a lot with this. The picture is indeed abstract because no one in real life looks like this. In the picture I have exaggerated the body, especially the belly because generally when you eat a lot of food, you get fat and people often believe this. Also the teeth and mouth are exaggerated because they are necessary for you to chew and swallow the food. The eyes are exaggerated to be really small because eyes aren’t very necessary when you are eating food. Also, one arm in on the belly and one arm is near the mouth. The arm on the belly indicates the people to look at the stomach. Also the hand on the mouth makes you look at the mouth as well. This does a great job of emphasizing the parts that are the most important.


Idea #2 


I like to dance. When I used to live in Korea, my friends and I danced in the talent show in our school trip and in order to we had to practice. Then, I didn’t really know how to dance but I grew to like it. This is a good topic to pick because you use your body a lot and you can do a lot with this topic. Starting with the basics, this picture is abstract because no one in the real world looks like this. You can also say that the arms and legs are exaggerated because it is made bigger or longer than it normally would be. Also there is markings on the arms and the legs. This makes the legs and arms more emphasized so they will look at the pose.


Idea #3


I like to sing. Ever since I was a little girl I loved to sing and always would audition for parts in musicals and choir that would allow me to sing. This is a good passion to pick because it is clear on what you can exaggerate in this passion. First of all, this sketch is abstract because no person actually looks like this in real life. As you can see, I have exaggerated the mouth because singers use there mouth more than anything else to sing. Also in order to emphasize the mouth, I have put patterns on all of the different parts of the body which makes you look at the part that is not with patterns which is the mouth.


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